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Flamcovent Clean Smart F - ANSI flanges

Optimum air and dirt separation combined with energy efficiency.
For use in sealed heating and cooling systems.
Air and dirt separators protect the boilers, pumps and fittings from damage caused by the deposit of dirt particles, increase comfort and improve the yield. Air and dirt separators also offer benefits in the event of application in old systems or when an open system is converted to a closed system.

Increases comfort and yield. Prevents deposit of dirt particles in the boiler. The removal of air and dirt from the system water extends the service life of pumps, control equipment and other system accessories.
The new steel Flamcovent Clean Smart air and dirt separators remove even the tiniest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. The Flamco Clean Smart performs 60% better than conventional air and dirt separators whilst the flow resistance has been reduced to a negligible level.

ANSI flange connection sizes (4 hole).

Up to 60% better performance compared to conventional air and dirt separators. Extremely low flow resistance resulting in less energy consumption. Standard flow velocity up to 9.8 ft/s. Twenty-five neodymium supermagnets are incorporated into the dirt scraper. Constant performance during the entire lifespan. Low maintenance. ANSI flange connection sizes (4 hole). Available in ASME approved and non-ASME approved executions.

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