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Patterson Pump

Patterson has built a trusted reputation for reliable pump installations worldwide - whether satisfying urban water or waste demands, harnessing and controlling ravaging floods, reclaiming arid deserts, taming rampaging and devastating fires, or protecting the planet's ecological balance, our pumps are trusted.

Around the globe, wherever liquid moves, in large volume or high pressure, you will find Patterson heavy-duty pumps and packaged systems. The world looks to Patterson to enhance safety and comfort in HVAC and fire suppression technology, exceeding pumping demands in water supply, irrigation, flood prevention, and wastewater treatment, make industrial solutions into liquid transfers, and fulfill heating or cooling needs to each of our clients.

Patterson's Headquarters

End Suction Pumps

•Flows to 2,500 GPM, heads to 400’

•Grease-lubricated bearings

•Bronze casing wear rings 

•Carbon vs. silicon carbide seal

•Channel steel base – No grouting required

•Bronze-fitted construction with bronze shaft sleeves

•Wear rings

•Precision cast and balanced impeller

•Shaft deflection at seal face is 0.002”

•Optional 250# flanges and housing

•Supported bearing frame

•Suction & discharge gauge taps

•True back pull out design

•OSHA coupling guard 

•Hydraulic Institute tested

•7 day delivery for standard product

•18 month standard warranty

•American made

Patterson Base Mounted End Suction Pump
Patterson End Suction Pump
Patterson Vertical In-Line Pump
Patterson Vertical In-Line Pump w/ Pump Mounted VFD

Vertical Inline Pumps

•Flows to 10,000 GPM,  heads to 400’

•Optional 250# flanges

•Bronze-fitted construction

•Bronze casing wear ring

•Carbon vs. silicon carbide seal

•Graphalloy tale bearing

•Double suction impeller on 12” and 14” sizes

•Split-coupled design above 30 HP 

•Hydraulic Institute tested 

•7 Day standard delivery 

•Standard 18 month warranty

•American made

Patterson Vertical In-Line Pump Alternate Photo

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

•Flows to 6,000 GPM, heads to 160’

•Re-grease able ball bearings

•Integrally cast bearing housings

•Carbon steel shaft, stainless optional

•Shaft deflection at seal face

•   is 0.002”

•American made

•Precision cast and balanced impellers

•Standard 175 PSI CWP; 250 PSI optional

•7 day standard delivery

•18 month standard warranty

Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pump
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