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Steam Trap Surveys

Do you know if your steam system is functioning or operating at its true potential?

What is a steam trap survey?

A steam trap survey is an audit of the steam traps on your site, undertaken to determine the operational state of all traps in order to identify where steam savings can be made.

Thermal Image of Steam Trap

Why should I have a steam trap survey conducted by Systecore?

Our engineers have in-depth knowledge and a large breadth of experience of steam systems from dealing with a great variety of different industries over many years. Our engineers will be able to understand your system ensuring that each survey produces useful and informative output documents showing the breakdown of the performance of the traps at the time of the survey.  A Systecore Steam Trap Survey will give you a clear picture of the condition of your steam system through a comprehensive audit of the system components which are most likely to have a detrimental effect on your system when failed (either open or closed.)  During the survey the engineer will gather as much information as they can about the system in order to be able to accurately make recommendations.

What happens after the survey?

We will provide an in-depth report document. At the core of the document will be the written-up survey detailing all steam trap locations (including some which may be recommended by the engineer to optimize the delivery of clean, dry steam around your system) with specific information for each trap and location. These traps will be referenced by the location tag attached at each trap location during the survey. 

Along with the survey, a site-specific payback calculation will be included with full explanation of the method used to calculate the payback. A breakdown of the percentage of failed traps identified on your site will be included.

Steam Traps
Example of the Information you will receive from the survey

What happens after the report?

Systecore will help you determine the best action plan specific to your facility.  Unlike many others we will not disappear.  When possible we will help scope the failed steam traps to find out why they failed and what needs to be done to prevent future failures.

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